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Autumn Guide, September 2006

Mackinac Island

by patrick nagi

photo Mackinac Island offers numerous day trip possibilities including biking around the island, hiking through the state park, exploring Fort Mackinac, taking a horse-drawn carraige tour, and sampling fudge.

The most visited of all the islands, Mackinac has numerous day trip possibilities.

"One fun activity is to bike around the island," said Mary McGuire Slevin, executive director of the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau. "It's an 8.2 mile ride and bikers can stop and pose for photos at each mile marker to document their trip."

Numerous bike rental companies are on the island and some bikes come equipped with tagalongs and covered burly carts so that families with small children can still circumnavigate the island on wheels.

On foot, visitors may want to hike through the state park or explore Fort Mackinac. Private and public horse-drawn carriage tours are also popular. Visitors can even hold the reigns and trot off on their own by renting a carriage from Jack's Livery.

There are a few different ways to create great tasting fudge and on August 26, during the annual fudge festival, visitors can sample a wide variety of this delicious fare. This is also Kids Day which includes an afternoon children's ballet performance.

Mackinac Island is a year-round tourist destination. To learn more about visiting the island any time go to the official website, www.mackinacisland.org.

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