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Feb. 24, 2000


      EIKEY - A son, Karson Devere, to Greg and Debra (Gauthier) Eikey of Roswell, Ga., in Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 12. Mr. and Mrs. Eikey are former residents of Traverse City.
      SPIELES - A daughter, MaKenna Anne, to Mark and Kim (Christenson) Spieles of Ann Arbor, at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, Jan. 28. Mr. Spieles is a former resident of Traverse City.
      SUNDELL - A daughter, Skye Michelle, to Joshua Sundell and Lindsy Penney of Lake City, Nov. 29, 1999.
      BODNAR - A daughter, Julia Caroline, to James and Anne (Niepoth) Bodnar of Traverse City, Dec. 14, 1999.
      WADE - A son, Justin, to Tara Wade of Traverse City, Jan. 22.
      QUADE - A daughter, Brooke Gabrielle, to Laren and Rebecca (Corbette) Quade of Mesick, Jan. 31.
      BOGUS - A daughter, Madlyn, to Joseph and JoAnn (Reed) Bogus of Copemish, Feb. 1.
      PINNA - A son, Nicholas, to Marty and Jane (Desrochers) Pinna of Mesick, Feb. 1.
      SCHRAM - A daughter, Taylor Ann, to Shawn and Kelly (Mouton) Schram of Kalkaska, Feb. 1.
      SHEETS - A daughter, Stephanie Paige, to Scott and Sarah (Cronkhite) Sheets of Kingsley, Feb. 1.
      SHUFF - A son, Graham Thomas, to Gibson and Lorine (Harrison) Shuff of Traverse City, Feb. 1.
      SMITH - A daughter, Gabrielle, to David Smith II and Sarah (Basch) Smith of Traverse City, Feb. 1.
      CAPE - A son, Dakota, to Chris Cape and Amber Perry of Traverse City, Feb. 2.
      GRAY - A son, Ethan, to Jeremy Gray and Jacqueline Hanell of Traverse City, Feb. 2.
      MACKIE - A son, Preston, to Paul Breitfeld and Chantel (Champion) Breitfeld of Traverse City, Feb. 3.
      NOWICKI - A daughter, Hannah Megan, to Steve and Jennifer (Ladd) Nowicki of Empire, Feb. 3.
      OLSON - A daughter, Olivia, to Tony and Michele (Whitelock) Olson of Rapid City, Feb. 3.
      BALDYGA - A daughter, Paxton Katherine Joyce, to Gary and Michelle (Milarch) Baldyga of Williamsburg, Feb. 3.
      RICE - A daughter, Opal Rae, to Kurt and Tonya (Kik) Rice of Traverse City, Feb. 3.
      COLE - A son, Noah, to John and Michelle (Schlaff) Cole of Traverse City, Feb. 4.
      DIROSA - A daughter, Katee Elizabeth, to James and Amy (Lowe) DiRosa of Kalkaska, Feb. 4.
      GAITHER - A daughter, Hannah Marie, to Robert and Lisa (Ralph) Gaither of Kingsley, Feb. 4.
      GULLIVER - A daughter, Kylee, to Dale and Lisa (Paton) Gulliver of Kingsley, Feb. 4.
      HENTSCHEL - A daughter, Emma, to Jack and Terra (Chouinard) Hentschel of Kingsley, Feb. 4.
      WEESE - A son, Colin, to Scott and Jennifer (Montie) Weese of Interlochen, Feb. 4.
      SAWYER - A daughter, Elyse, to Gary and Rose (Gonzales) Sawyer of Traverse City, Feb. 5.
      SCHWARK - A son, Lestat, to Richard and Sandra (Rourke) Schwark of Kalkaska, Feb. 5.
      SEYLER - A daughter, Ashela, to James and Alesha (White) Seyler of Kingsley, Feb. 5.
      BLACKLEDGE - A daughter, Abigail, to Kay Blackledge of Mancelona, Feb. 6.
      BURNETT - A son, Cassidy Jack, to John Burnett III and Erin (Schmuckal) Burnett of Traverse City, Feb. 6.
      CORWIN - A son, Zackary Vincent, to Russell and Tammy (Rosinski) Corwin of Traverse City, Feb. 6.
      ZAK - A son, Keegan Robert, to Kenneth Zak Jr. and Pamela (Smith) Zak of Traverse City, Feb. 6.
      DEVENEAU - A daughter, Natalie, to Fredrick Deveneau II and Sharyl (Miller) Deveneau of Alden, Feb. 7.
      FIEGEL - A son, Max Richard, to Mark and Jackie (Roberts) Fiegel of Traverse City, Feb. 7.
      DOWLING - A daughter, Abbigale, to John and Deborah (Dent) Dowling of Traverse City, Feb. 8.
      DUMONT - A daughter, Kaylah, to Michelle (Weis) Dumont of Traverse City, Feb. 8.
      GRODY - A son, Christian Michael, to Harry Grody Jr. and Shawna (Hendershot) Grody of Traverse City, Feb. 8.
      BANKEY - A son, Mathew, to Michael and Jean (Belanger) Bankey of Suttons Bay, Feb. 9.
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